about us

It's no secret that the original feeling of hip hop, with its party grooves, b-boys, and breakers, was successfully transmitted from the Bronx to Europe long ago. A healthy number of European groups and artists adopted hip hop poses, translating the beats and attitude for their audiences. Expressive twists and turns on a traditional sound vibrate even today, leading the way for DJs and producers to explore the genre with impressive, dance floor-worthy results. Germany's funky breakbeat duo CMC&Silenta are a shining example, crafting tunes that draw inspiration from hip hop as well as their country's electronic music legacy.

With this atitude we are releasing music. Roca Records was founded in 2010 to give our music a place. At that time, no other record label in germany was specialized in funky breaks. We had to take a break for several reasons. This is over now! we are looking forward to a lot of new music.