This is the single of the future album "Selected Remixes". "Yeah That's Right feat. Mys Diggi" is the re-interpretation of the original song by CMC&Silente released 10 years ago.
The combination of thick basses, creaky synth steps and catchy melodies, send you straight to the dance floor. The incredible flow of MysDiggi turns this intrumental into a musical tsunami.

On december 2nd CMC & Silentas next single will be released, this is the single from our album "selected remixes" planned for february 2023. We remixed ourselves and turned one of our favorite songs from the album "Get It On Now" into a club banger. For the year 2023 we are planning some more singles and hopefully finally our next album. follow us on the usual social media platforms and stay informed.

5AF teamed up with funk legend Bootsy Collins for this hit. CMC & Silenta in their unique style used the parts of the song to produce a driving anthem.
The rhythms of the horn section are supported by unique percussion and then explode in the main part with the driving creaky bass and dry drums.



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