Here it is, CMC&Silenta's new 2-track EP "Supernova"! Featuring the talented singer Terra Diamond, they created this stellar collaboration. The music is an electrifying mix of Electro Funk, Nu Disco and Glitchhop - perfect to inspire and excite you! The beats are driving and invite you to dance, while the bass lines and funky instruments create a sizzling vibe. Terra Diamond's voice adds a special touch to the tracks and won't let you go. An absolute set for all who love electronic club music!

The last 11 years have been musically busy and CMC & Silenta have not only made a name for themselves with their own productions but also with their many remixes. Here are 11 selected remixes by CMC & Silenta made for artists like Five Alarm Funk, The Funk Hunters, Delhi2 Dublin, Sepalot and many more. The musical range goes from funk to funky breaks to reggae and jungle but always with the trademark electronic touch and plenty of bass.

This is the single of the future album "Selected Remixes". "Yeah That's Right feat. Mys Diggi" is the re-interpretation of the original song by CMC&Silente released 10 years ago.
The combination of thick basses, creaky synth steps and catchy melodies, send you straight to the dance floor. The incredible flow of MysDiggi turns this intrumental into a musical tsunami.



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